About Me

Hello world, good to meet you all. I’m Monica, a backpacker originally from the United States who got bit by the travel bug at age 15 and 35 countries later, is still affected.

My story starts out like so many other travel bloggers out there, I graduated from university, hopped on a plane for a 3 month European adventure that would be my first taste of the backpacker lifestyle and thought that would be it. I thought I would finish my gap year between undergraduate school and graduate school with my taste for the world satisfied, that craving dealt with, but I was wrong. Three months in Europe turned into six months in Guatemala, then a month and a half traveling the rest of Central America, and now I find myself in Australia with a work and holiday visa. So much for the go to graduate school, get a career, and settle down plan.

I have been blogging since 2013, with my first blog being a little account of my study abroad experience in Mendoza, Argentina. Since then I have kept track of my travels on a simple WordPress blog, A Post Bac in Wanderlust, but after following a few of the many travel blogs out there I decided I had something to add to the noise that is the travel blogging world, thus this site was born. My aim with this site is to write the posts that I wish I had been able to read about a few of the many topics you’ll come across while traveling and to inspire the next intrepid traveler to take the plunge into this wild world. Enjoy and happy traveling!