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Is Central America Safe?

Yes and no. It depends. When I left for Guatemala in January 2016, almost every single person would ask, “Is it safe?”, in response to me telling them where I was moving. Coming from the United States, there are a lot of preconceived ideas about any Spanish speaking country south of the US border and… Read More Is Central America Safe?

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A Taste of Nicaragua

Nothing makes me feel like writing like a hostel balcony overlooking the beautiful Nicaraguan coast, the air a blessed cool, post rain temperature with a sea breeze and Jack Johnson playing in the background. We are coming to the end of our time in Nicaragua as Playa Marsella in San Juan del Sur will be… Read More A Taste of Nicaragua

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On the Road Again: A Trip Through Belize and Honduras

As some of you have probably realized I’ve been radio silent for the past couple weeks, basically ever since I left Xela. Well I’m back and sitting in a cafe in Leon, Nicaragua with a very cute black hostel kitty demanding pets every 30 seconds or so. Since Xela I have been in Flores, Guatemala;… Read More On the Road Again: A Trip Through Belize and Honduras