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What to Pack for Long Term Travel: A Woman’s Guide to Packing

Most new backpackers have no idea what to pack for long term travel. I get it, when your trip spans six months and as many climates it can be daunting to figure out what deserves its coveted space in the backpack. The good news is that, through trial and error, most backpackers are old pros… Read More What to Pack for Long Term Travel: A Woman’s Guide to Packing

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Coming Full Circle

Today brings me back to where this all began, Stockholm, and I figured it’d be an appropriate time to reflect on my journey these past two and a half months. I’m staying at City Backpackers Hostel, the same hostel I stayed in the very first night of my trip, and it feels like I’ve come… Read More Coming Full Circle

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Travel Fatigue

Today marks two months since my first post in LAX and I’ll be honest I’m tired. I’m traveling too fast, I’m tired of moving every few nights, I’m tired of having the same conversation of what’s your name, where are you from, etc when I talk to someone, and I’m honestly just a bit tired… Read More Travel Fatigue

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Cities on the Water

Venice is a city built up around the water, a city that sits precariously close to the ever rising sea. Budapest is built on the water, that is the thermal hot springs that feed its famous bathhouses. It seems fitting that the two cities that managed to woo me more than I expected would be… Read More Cities on the Water

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Too Many Countries, Too Little Time

Ladies and gentlemen, after a slight intermission induced by a lack of chargers I’m back online! Thanks to a well stocked Florence train station store I’m armed with a micro USB charger and ready to write. Please bear with me as this post is going to be long, after all it has been about two… Read More Too Many Countries, Too Little Time

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Reconnecting in Ramsgate

When you grow up down the street from someone your own age they quickly become a fixture in your life. I met Jane when we were four years old and her family moved into the big pink house on the corner. Naturally I was ecstatic because that meant there was finally someone my own age… Read More Reconnecting in Ramsgate

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Beautiful Belgium

Leaving Amsterdam I didn’t think I would find a more beautiful city. Ghent proved me wrong. We ended up in Ghent on a whim, it was a decision made on the bus from Berlin to Amsterdam in an attempt to find something more interesting than Brussels, but less touristy than Bruges. I couldn’t be happier… Read More Beautiful Belgium

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Amsterdam: The City of Bikes

Amsterdam is a city that wows you from the moment you step foot off the bus. It charms with its winding canals, romantic cafes nestled in old brick houses, and endless supply of bikes. The countryside, which we were lucky enough to see thanks to a 10 hour bus ride from Berlin, is filled with… Read More Amsterdam: The City of Bikes

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Bratwurst and Beer in Berlin

To answer the question I’m sure everyone is asking, yes I did eat bratwurst in Berlin, but no this ex-vegetarian did not really like it. Turns out if you don’t eat meat for close to a decade you don’t really like fatty meat, elk on the other hand is amazing, thanks Sweden! Aside from my… Read More Bratwurst and Beer in Berlin

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A Scandinavian Road Trip

On Sunday we left Stockholm for a week long road trip around Sweden. After deciphering the cryptic directions Chris had left us, Scott and I managed, by some miracle, to find his cousin’s house in the suburbs of Stockholm. There we picked up Chris and his cousin, Johannes, had a shower, washed some clothes, then… Read More A Scandinavian Road Trip