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The Beginning: Graduation

I graduated from the University of California Davis this past Friday with a major in biological sciences and a minor in cultural anthropology. Naturally, I packed up, dumped my stuff at my parents house, and now, four days later, I am sitting in the Tom Bradley International Airport with a ticket to Stockholm in my purse. I am finally embarking on the trip I wanted to do after high school graduation, but this time I actually have the money to pull it off. I am headed to Sweden in two hours and then my plan is to bounce around Europe for the next three months, a plan I’m feeling quite pleased about right now.

The only graduation photos for me are silly barefoot ones.

Throughout my trip I’ll try to update this blog as much as possible to keep ya’ll in the loop, but if I go radio silent don’t assume the worst, I’m probably just away from internet for a little while. Also, please bear with me if I ramble, this blog is as much for me as it is for whomever decides to read it. For now though I’ll sign off as no one really wants to hear about the hell that is parking at LAX.

Here’s to an amazing trip and my next post being in Stockholm!

One woman, one backpack, and a lot of tickets.

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