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Travel Fatigue

Today marks two months since my first post in LAX and I’ll be honest I’m tired. I’m traveling too fast, I’m tired of moving every few nights, I’m tired of having the same conversation of what’s your name, where are you from, etc when I talk to someone, and I’m honestly just a bit tired of traveling. I knew travel fatigue was a thing, but I never thought I’d come down with a case of the travel blues. I always wanted to be the girl with her life on her back, happily living the life of a nomadic twenty something, but I don’t think I’m that girl. I like having a routine, I like knowing the people I hang out with really well, and I like feeling useful by having a job or studying. I want to run in the hills by my house again. I want to walk my silly little dog around the same path we always take. I want to be able to talk to my family at whim. However, I’ve got about a week and a half to go so I’ll suck it up and enjoy the rest of my journey. I’m currently in Munich and on Wednesday I’ll be heading to Copenhagen to stay with a friend of a friend for four days. As much as I just complained about my travel fatigue, I’m actually really excited to meet Jacob and see Copenhagen. I think staying with a local for a while will help give me something new, not the same old hostel scene I’ve gotten so used to for the past two months.

Speaking of the usual hostel situation, I actually came to Munich for a specific hostel. It’s called The Tent and it’s this interesting summer hostel that pops up during the warmer months on the edge of one of Munich’s huge parks. It’s quite lovely with a large group tent with beds, a section for tent camping, and communal areas such as a fire pit, cafeteria, and volleyball net. This is my third night here and it’s been fun, but the weather turned foul yesterday so the rain has put a damper on my mood, as per usual. That combined with the fact that the large group tent is a tent, i.e. no insulation, and gets freezing cold at night has made getting over this cold I’ve got that much harder. It’s been a bit of a perfect storm for travel blues, maybe rain, sickness, and loneliness would make anyone a little blue. I did really enjoy going into town yesterday to watch the river surfers before the rain though. I was feeling homesick so I bought a coffee and watched surfers; I felt like I could have been back home in California, you know expect for the fact that it was a river and everyone was speaking German.

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