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Who Am I?

My name is Monica Puccetti and I am the blogger behind Which Way’s West, travel blog focusing on my wanderings across six continents and 36 countries. Topics covered include long-term travel, sustainability, expat life, eco-tourism, and adventure travel with a particular focus on anything nautical (specifically SCUBA diving, sailing, and marine conservation).

Which Way’s West is, at its heart, a place to tell the stories of this world. Travel is not about getting that perfect Instagram shot, travel is about the people we meet, the stories we tell, and the experiences we have and I aim to honor that with this site. I have a particular love of the ocean and if you are interested in doing collaborations to promote environmental movements or eco-tourism please reach out – I am very interested in expanding the reach of environmentalism and encouraging the love of nature, because after all, people only protect what they love.

I am available for freelance writing in line with ASA rates and specialize in creative non-fiction, speculative fiction, and travel writing. Please contact me via email for any requests.

Aside from this site, I am a contributing writer for In The Know Traveler, Harness Magazine, and GoNOMAD. Examples of my published work can be found here.

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Instagram: @which_ways_west

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